"Creativity Stimulators"
Peggy Joy Jenkins Ph.D

Your inner child is longing to be more free and alive - more creative. Here are some ideas to promote your aliveness and creativity:

Write a creativity affirmation each day - Keep varying it (e.g. I am an open channel for creative ideas; I have a great imagination; Wonderful new ideas come to me easily.

Take a risk - once a week.

Do a five-minute visualization exercise twice a day; see yourself doing wonderful, playful, creative things.Practice writing or doodling with your non-dominant hand. Create a new word and use it once a day.

Try a new food or seasoning weekly.

Create a day of silence.

Think of at least six answers for any challenge/problem.

Take fun breaks; make a list of ideas for 15, 30, and 60 minute breaks. Do it now!

Experiment with clay play dough, crayons, watercolors and other art media.

Check out from the library children's books to read to yourself.

Spend an entire day without judging yourself or anyone else.

Think about what you like about an idea before allowing yourself to see its 
faults. (Do it with people too.)

Check out from the library different music than you're used to hearing.

Read fiction if you usually read nonfiction and visa versa.

Go to the park: early or late in the day; swing high. Climb on the jungle gym; sit at the top and daydream.

Go shopping: in stores you've seldom experienced. (e.g. art galleries, foreign food markets, design shops, etc.)

Think of a (random) act of kindness you can do each day of the week.

Make a list; follow through.

Learn some non-competitive games; invite friends over to play.

Once a week think of a way to improve someone's product or service.

Search for beauty and contemplate it.

Follow your joy!