"Joy Is an Inside Job"
Peggy Joy Jenkins Ph.D

The time to acknowledge JOY has come. Joy, as an expression of Love, is in each of us at the deepest level.

Definitions by poets around, but a simple definition I use is that joy is the high energy state that exists when our personality and soul are in harmony. It is the feeling of unconditional love for oneself and all others.

This means that joy is an inside job and does not come from outer circumstances. Joy is a very high vibration, a healing energy much needed by humanity and the planet at this time.

It's important to differentiate between joy and happiness, since many people think of joy as only a higher degree of happiness.

Generally, happiness in our society is associated with a personality reaction to conditions that satisfy the emotional nature.

Thus, a favorite food, a new car, or an invitation to a party can be sources of happiness. Happiness is affected by what goes on around us, whereas joy can grow in spite of conditions. When we are joyful, our powers and capabilities blossom.

Torkom Saraydarian in his book, Joy and Healing, says: Joy regenerates our body, mind, and emotions. Joy makes our mind clear and our heart sensitive.

Joy burns away impurities in our physical, emotional, and mental systems.

It disperses worries, anxieties, grief, greed, irritation, and other negative emotions.

In essence, Joy heals and balances us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

The young child is generally a beautiful example of joy. Around such children, we feel unconditional love that is the root of all joy.

We sense the deep peace within them that bubbles forth as joy. What happens to children kindergarten and eight grade?

Can we, as parents and teachers, enhance the joy that has been submerged in older children?

Since all people are connected at higher levels, our thoughts and feelings affect not only those around us but everyone on the planet.

The joy any one of us feels can have a real handling effect on others who are receptive to that feeling. Our joy can be a powerful form of service.

But how do we access this inner joy? We can each start by looking within and see what perceptions we'er holding that don' t let us feel joy. Remember, it has nothing to do with externals.

There are people in positions of drudgery, dying in hospital beds, and locked in prisons who feel deep peace and inner joy.

Then there are people who have everything society deems valuable - fame, money, looks, family, and friends - who don' t feel joy.

The future belongs to those who, knowing that joy is an inside job, choose joy, live joy, share joy, and spread joy.

To rediscover joy is to return to a state of oneness with the universe.

Life itself cannot give you joy
unless you really will it.
Life just gives you time and space;
It's up to you to fill it.
Chinese Proverb.